MONIDAX Inc. technical support services include computer maintenance and repairs, disaster recovery and business continuity planning, design and implementation of custom systems, data recovery and managed services.


Managed Services
Many businesses are not large enough to have their own IT support, or are looking to reduce overall support costs. Monidax Inc. offers you the benefits of full time IT support, without the costs or the delays of other on-call service providers. We can implement procedures and software/devices that will allow us to manage the majority of your security alerts, network issues, and computer errors, remotely and quickly.


Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
Disasters happen every day, be it natural or man made, something seems to be going wrong every time you turn around. In a business these disasters can cause irreversible damage to your reputation and have massive financial implications. Preparing for these events is a must in todays business world. If your documents and files are unavailable for anywhere between a day to a week its possible your business will never recover. Monidax Inc. can work with you to develop strategies and policies that keeps your business operational during a disaster or minor interuption, Monidax Inc. will also develop a plan to recover from these events. No business can take a time out inbetween.


Data Security
Monidax Inc. offers a range of customizable data security options to meet your needs. Our skilled staff can set up encrypted storage and whole disk encryption and help you implement best security practices at your location and mobile equipment and staff. Our experience and brand neutral approach to security ensures that we will tailor a cost-effective solution that works for you.


Network And PC Security
Wireless technology and networked computers have improved your productivity and expanded your work environment, but unfortunately they have become increasingly simple to exploit. We can help educate your staff and implement the security solutions that will best protect your networks and data. Services include designing secure networks, protecting wireless technology, installing Anti-Virus protection, setting up of firewalls, unified threat managers and IDS/IPS systems.


Vulnerability and Penetration Assessments
Monidax Inc. vulnerability assessments target potential weaknesses in your office infrastructure, and establish a blueprint for protecting your information. We can assess written and enforced office policies or lack thereof, computer patch management, anti-malware performance, networks as well as data security practices.

Penetration testing is the technical testing of your systems and are performed to help determine the likely hood that an outside attacker could gain access to your network or data.

Can a hacker or disgruntled employee copy or destroy your data? Our testing can find out and help you stop them before they stop your business.


Implementation Of Best Practices
Best practices simply put are practices that are widely accepted by the information security industry as the best methods for ensuring the Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your systems and data. The IT industry has well documented and enforced best practices that, when implemented, can increase productivity, reduce downtime and improve security. Monidax Inc. can help you accomplish many of these changes without the need to purchase additional hardware or software.


Computer and Network Setup and Repairs
Monidax Inc. will build a system that is the right cost and performance for your needs, taking into account the expected lifecycle and use. Monidax Inc. will help you plan your network for longterm growth and speed, we work with you to get the cost-effective solution that works for you.


Data Recovery
Monidax Inc. is fully trained in digital forensics and data recovery, whether you accidentally deleted a file, had a filesystem error or quick formatted the drive, we have the experience to get your data back. Ever lost a file or had drive corruption that resulted in painful data loss?


General Computer Service Calls
Give us a call anytime for any computer problem and we will do our best to help