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Why Clean Your Computer?

Cleaning your computers and accessories on a regular basis can help stop the spread of germs and viruses as well as lead to a longer life span. 

Dust and dirt clogs the fans of your computer, which causes your central processing unit (CPU) and other sensitive components to heat up.  Heat is one of the biggest causes of component failure in computers.  Regular cleaning could save you money by preventing costly replacement fees of damaged components and down time to your business. (1)

Stop and think for a minute about all the things your computer may be subjected to every day.

Reasons to Clean: Sanitation

Dust, germs and viruses, dead skin cells, animal hair, human hair, food particles, cigarette smoke, saliva, and yes maybe even bugs.  

These alone should make you want to scrub your keyboard, mouse, scanner and computer right now and give it a thorough cleaning.  U.S. health expert Chuck Gerba a microbiologist from the University of Arizona, performed a study on computer cleanliness and found that the average workstation has 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet. (2)

Dirt and grime, skin oils or earwax may be harmless to you.  But viruses such as the flu, rhinovirus, conjunctivitis or e-coli can be spread through your workstation and make people very sick.  Think about the number of things you touch every day: your face, your nose, other hands, keyboard and so on.  Any germs that you touch go with you until you wash your hands.  When you touch again, those germs can be transferred for someone else to touch.

Studies note that millions of dollars are lost in sick time each year.  Down time stress is put on the other employees when sickness spreads in the workplace. (3)

Reasons to Clean: Performance

When your computer and components are in operation, static electricity is produced, thus attracting dust particles to your computer’s components.

The two biggest enemies of computers and computer components are heat and corrosion.  When dust builds up in your computer it forms a blanket on your inner components thus creating extra heat and a medium for attracting moisture.  This combination can lead to the possibility of components shorting themselves across the many different circuits within your computer.

Dust bunnies and dirt can form around your cooling fan and power supply restricting overall ventilation which results in failure.  With the fan running constantly and unable to cool, more heat is being produced which requires more power to run your computer, thus reducing the overall performance and efficiency of the CPU.

We perform preventative maintenance on just about everything else we own.  Why do we overlook proper computer maintenance? You wouldn't run your car without an oil change would you?  Dryer filters build up lint and need to be cleaned after each use or they could become a fire hazard.  We need to clean our furnace filters regularly to prevent moulds and dust build-up.   We clean and maintain these items because they cost a lot of money to replace, not to mention the health and safety factors.

Shouldn't the same consideration apply to your business computer equipment and staff?

According to computer giant IBM, if all the dust, dirt and contaminants were removed regularly from within the computers, less than 1% would fail. (2)

Monidax recommends hiring a professional to clean your computer at a interval of at least every 6 months.  The professionals have all the necessary equipment to perform the needed operations.  Professionals also have a thorough understanding of the delicate components within a computer and can appropriately avoid fragile areas while cleaning.  It's just worth letting a pro do the job.